White Sclera Contact Lenses the Best Halloween Contact Lenses

Sclera Contact Lenses

Halloween is a long way away, but it is always fun to discuss about some of the best Halloween accessories. Of which White Sclera contact lenses remain one of the best. I mean, with all the Halloween costumes and other accessories, you need a pair of truly amazing Halloween contact lenses and white Sclera contact lenses should top the list.

Just like the black sclera lenses you also have the wonderful white sclera contact lenses for added freakiness and creepy looks. Imagine looking truly blind with a demon and zombie costume. But let me remind you, white sclera contacts lenses provide quite the spine chilling look that could turn even your closest friends away from you. So, if you are still interested in them, then that is great. Now we shall discuss more about these lenses.

Get your favourite White Sclera Contact Lenses for Affordable price now

Long gone are the days when white sclera lenses were an item for celebrities performing on filmsets. Back then these lenses were too pricy for anyone but now the times have changed, of course, white sclera lenses are expensive than the rest of the Halloween lenses, but very much affordable in these times. Now with such increase in demand and the increase in use and technology advancement we have white Sclera contact lenses available in very affordable prices.

You can purchase all types of white sclera lenses, the daily disposable, weekly disposable and soft & hard lenses. Choose the lenses that suit you best and provide you the most comfort. The technology today has made everything easily available.

Are White Sclera Contact Lenses Safe to Wear?

This question has always been asked about white sclera or any other sclera contact lenses. It is because these lenses are unlike the normal Halloween lenses or coloured lenses. They cover the whole eye including the white part. That is why they are called sclera contact lenses. But apart from that, white sclera lenses are just like any other contact lenses, they are just contact lenses and very safe to be worn on your eyes.

You can maintain complete safety with these sclera contact lenses if you follow these certain rules. There are some rules that are applicable on all the contact lenses while sclera contact lenses have some exclusive to them. Don’t worry about it, the rules are very simple and pretty easy to follow.

The first thing you need to do is get yourself an eye exam from a doctor where the doctor can tell you if you can wear sclera lenses. You see not everyone can wear Sclera lenses.

Second, always buy sclera lenses from a respected and well known online or physical store. So that you would get only the best product in your hands.

After you have bought you sclera lenses, there is one rule of thumb that you must follow, this goes for all types of contact lenses. Maintain hygiene around the lenses at all cost. Wash your hands before touching them and keep the storage case clean and put it in a safe and clean place.

Another important thing is that you must wash your sclera contact lenses only with the disinfectant solution that you purchased along with the lenses. That solution is designed for the lenses. Never clean your lenses with water or any other homemade solution.

You cannot share your lenses with anyone as sharing would transfer dangerous eye diseases. No matter how cool your contact lenses are and how much someone asks to wear them just once, do not give them away. Think of them like your toothbrush.

The only thing about Sclera contact lenses that you need to be more careful about how long you wear them. These lenses cover the whole eye, so compared to other lenses you get less oxygen to the eye with Sclera lenses. For that matter you should only wear them for 4-5 hours only and then take them off.

Halloween costume inspiration

The great thing about white sclera contact lenses is that they are available for a number of Halloween costume. You can dress up as almost any character and bring it to life with white sclera contact lenses. Also, there are different types of sclera available like the mini sclera lenses that is a bit larger than other coloured lenses but smaller than normal sclera lenses. Below are some of the costume inspiration:

  • Snow beast
  • Zombie
  • A possessed man
  • Anime horror character
  • A demon

With white sclera contact lenses, you can become anything. So, all you have to do is follow the rules and then find the perfect Halloween costume that would complement your Halloween sclera lenses. Believe it or not, even with the colour white you can cause some real scares on Halloween.

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