Top Digital Marketing Trends You Should Follow In 2020

Top Digital Marketing Trends You Should Follow In 2020

Digital marketing is one of the sought careers among young professionals in India. With the upcoming technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, digital marketing trends are gaining more traction. In India, you can easily find the best digital marketing agency in Delhi, which is already a business hub within the country. On the other hand, people are getting more involved with some of the popular eCommerce platforms around the world. If you are looking for digital marketing trends to excel in business, then in this article, I will tell you some of the top digital marketing trends you should look for this year.

Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

1. AI

As I mentioned before, AI has a crucial role in digital marketing these days. A majority of the tasks involved are related to acquiring potential customers for your platform. With AI, most of your analysis could be automated, thus saving your time and effort.

2. Advertising By Automated Programs

Advertising some of your content on social media is a good thing. To improve your chances of getting success, you can leverage the power of computer programs that are managed by robots. Automating your tasks make it easy for you to get into the game

3. Use Of Chatbots

Today, marketing trends should be conversational besides being innovative. You can take help from chatbots to allow a real-time environment for your customers. Moreover, customers can offer some valuable suggestions for your business.

4. Customized Advertising

Earlier, people of different tastes were used to watch similar advertising content all the time. This led to a huge loss for many of the startups. Learning from the mistake, advertising campaigns became personalized as per the trends, gender, age, and hobby of a buyer.

5. Interactive Video Marketing

People are showing more interest in video marketing because videos are a more powerful form of communication. Nowadays, almost all companies we see today are using interactive videos within their marketing strategy.

6. Mobile Apps

Companies that introduced apps for their platform have already recorded a boost in their profits. About 80 percent of the population across the globe browse the internet via smartphones. Thus, you should propose a mobile app for your online platform.

7. Social Media Networks

Social media apps are very different from other apps. They generally possess a huge network that has covered the entire globe. All the popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are efficient in spreading a word about your brand.

8. Push Notifications From Web Browsers

Push notifications can be used in web browsers as your marketing strategy. More than 60 percent of the eCommerce platforms are using push notifications in the last few years. Such platforms have seen a boost in their revenues within a short time.

9. Content That Interacts With Audience

Content that is able to interact with your people is way too powerful than a nice set of sentences. Quizzes, polls, and surveys can do magic for your online advertising. You can also use videos to expand your reach.

10. Marketing Through All The Channels

Emails, social media apps, and weblogs are social media channels for your online advertising. You can market your products or services to any extent with these prevalent channels. However, success depends on your effort on these platforms. Such marketing is also called omnichannel marketing.

11. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is gradually taking the world by storm. It has the potential to give an experience that is out of this world. Until now, a few platforms are making use of this trend. However, more than 50 percent of the startups will follow virtual reality in the future.

12. Content Generated From Your Customers

Yes, it is possible that you can make people generate your advertising content. For that, you will have to pay discounts and incentives to get people to carry out your marketing strategies. Money can motivate them to work for you.

13. Blockchain

Just like other trends in information technology, blockchain can be used for advertising purposes. Blockchain technology is known to eliminate third-party in your marketing strategy. Thus, you can cut some of your marketing costs by applying this trend. You can have a decentralized environment with blockchain.

Final Thoughts

In short, we have seen some of the top digital marketing trends. All of these technologies have something to offer out of the box. Your digital marketing agency might leverage their capabilities while competing with other companies. Modern digital marketing trends have proven their success from the time they started the journey. With the increase in usage of the internet, traditional marketing is taking the last breath. It will eventually die after some years. You should keep yourself up to date with these trends because they will dominate the future of digital marketing. Also, you will attract more real buyers to your platform.

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