The Most Liked YouTube Videos of All Time (And Why You Love Them)

YouTube Videos

Viewing videos is always better and a more fun way to listen to a song. It is for this reason that we rush to YouTube and jump straight to the most viewed or like videos. Putting our Spectrum bundle deals and the like to good use. It is always a good idea to watch funny or at times disgusting videos to keep oneself busy. It is a good time pass when you cannot think of anything better to do. In case, you are new to this video watching league and do not know which ones to watch, here’s a list for you.

Today’s blog will talk about the most liked YouTube Videos of all times.

Blank Space by Taylor Swift

This video comes from Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album, 1989. Released in November 2014, the video topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in a time of three weeks. Joseph Kahn directed this video and Taylor Swift has portrayed herself as a crazy villain in the video. By topping the chart, this video replaced Shake it Off which is another song by Taylor Swift. This made Taylor Swift the first female artist who knocked her own video off from the first place.

Dark Horse by Katy Perry

Who doesn’t know about Katy Perry? The diva has given the world some of the great hits to dance to. Dark Horse is one of the most liked videos on YouTube as well. The singer recorded this famous video with the rapper Juicy J. Released in September 2013, people still love the song as well as the video. The song combines two genres- hip-hop and trap. The song became so famous that the celebrated brand Pepsi used it in one of its promotions as well. Fans also got to vote on a Twitter poll if they wanted this song or Walking on Air as the first single featuring on the album Prism.

What makes the video a bit unique is the Egyptian setting. It is also the first video by a female artist to receive 1 Billion views.

Hello by Adele

Hello, it’s me.

Who hasn’t heard of one of Adele’s most celebrated songs? Hello was my all-time favorite when the song came out. This song came out in October 2015 and was a part of Adele’s third album ’25.’ The song was successful in many countries across the globe. And it topped the charts in various countries as well. These include the States and the UK. Directed by Xavier Dolan, the video stars Adele and Tristan Wilds. The video broke the record when it reached 1 Billion views ion the shortest time. It is also the fifth most liked video on YouTube with 12 Million likes.

Bailando by Enrique Iglesias

Enrique comes up with the most fun videos and his Spanish songs have an oomph factor to it. Well, Bailando is no different. The song came out in 2014 and was a part of Enrique’s tenth studio album ‘Sex and Love.’ There are several version of the songs that the singer recorded. But the original Spanish version included vocals by Gente de Zona, Cubans and Descemer Bueno. In contrast, the Spanglish version includes vocals by the famous singer Sean Paul. Apart from these two versions, Enrique also recorded two Portuguese versions for the same song.

The original Spanish version is also the theme song for the soap Reina de Corazones. The Spanish version is also the most liked one.

Sugar by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 gave the world some of the best songs. Songs that one can hum the whole day. Songs that one does not get bored of. Sugar is also among the list of most liked as well as viewed songs on YouTube. Released in 2015, the song was a part of Maroon 5’s fifth studio album ‘V.’ It also ranked at number 2 on the US Billboard 100. Maroon 5 worked with film director David Dobkin for this video.

The fun part about the video is the band crashing weddings in Los Angeles. The fact that this is all genuine and nor staged makes the whole video all the more interesting. However, every groom was given notice. They agreed to let a famous but an unknown band play at their wedding. But no one else at the wedding had an idea about it. It was, indeed, a surprise for the brides to find Adam Levine play at their wedding.

You might have watched this video time and again on various music channels as well. That is if you have access to services like Spectrum Cable TV and the like.

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