Being on the web means every user is liable to “Personally Identifiable Information (PII).” Fluxmx is no ordinary company that would collect your data secretly and misuses it. Here, at Fluxmx, we make sure no user is unaware of how and much information is being collected from our website.

We are a team of responsible individuals who are concerned about privacy just the way you are. The content that we display on our website is original and is re-written through authentic sources where the authenticity is deeply checked.

What specific data that we collect from our users? 

Here, at Fluxmx, we do not collect any personal data; in case an online survey pops up asking about your individual information, users are required to ignore it as it might be some sort of bug. The presence of the user on our website helps us collect behavioral patterns to know better when users visit our page and for how long.

When do we collect information?

We believe it our duty to highlight when we are collecting your data. Every newsletter that you sign up for or any advertisement that you click on will lead you to third parties soliciting minor, but relevant data about you.

We have some selected business partners, including Audience Network and Adsense, that collect your information and use it to know what kind of content users enjoy without breaching privacy.

Where do we use the information we collect? 

As mentioned above, the information collected through signing up for the newsletter, making registration for regular updates, navigating the website, etc. helps us give you content us customized as possible.

The goal is to make users as comfortable as possible, which is why we produce content that most interests you. The product offerings and the whole overall experience must be personalized so that the user stays on the website for the longest time possible.

What are we doing to keep your information protected?

Fluxmx does not collect information more than they say they do, which highlights that we only use Malware Scanning. Moreover, we will not ask you to mention your credit card numbers or make use of PCI scanning.

Whenever a user adds his information and makes use of our knowledge, we adopt comprehensive measures concerning the security of our clients and us. No children under the age of 13 can able to make a transaction without adult supervision.