Order Prescription Safety Glasses Online for Kids in 2020

Order Prescription Safety Glasses Online

When you order prescription safety glasses online for children, there is a myriad of things to keep in mind. For instance, without knowing what your child prefers in terms of aesthetics & what vision correction lenses are best suited for their sight are some basic things to consider.

Furthermore, kids need to protect their eyes on the go if they’re involved in a sport that entails hazards to eye safety. To make things easier for you, this blog highlights the major features of protective eyewear & how they can help when it comes to ordering RX protective eyewear for kids.

Glasses That Offer High Impact Resistance

For any eyewear to provide a respectable level of safety, it’s imperative that it promises resistance against high impact accidents. The easiest way you can judge is by the frames being ANSI rated or F803 rated that keeps away any blunt trauma force from causing any serious damage to the eye.

Top brands that provide bespoke frames for kids are usually ASTM F803 just to provide a guarantee that the frame won’t get damaged in case of a serious mishap.

Hence, when choosing lenses, always go for polycarbonate instead of regular glass ones. The latter may be more effective in offering greater visual clarity & a higher resistance against scratches, polycarbonate lenses offer a greater amount of durability for the sake of protecting against high speed or volume accidents.

Moreover, when you order prescription safety glasses online, you can add a lens coating that keeps the lens surface from getting damaged which makes polycarbonate lenses equally good in terms of offering the clarity you need in your reading eyewear.

Choose Shape That Complements Face Type

Not all frames provide a one size fits all solution. One needs to take into account various dimensions that provide a certain visual appeal for the frame. It’s no secret that kids want to look good among their peers.

You may buy a rectangle-shaped frame but if it doesn’t suit your kids’ face shape, it won’t be worth wearing at all. Hence, the frame should provide a nice balance to your child’s facial features for a more visually appealing look.

Children who are into sports would enjoy frames that come in a wrap shape that provides a form-fitting experience, thus preventing glasses from slipping forward easily.

If your child enjoys their time more inside the classroom, then getting a frame that offers a sophisticated appearance is the way to go. In short, know your young champ’s preferences because they will be the ones wearing frames, not you!

The Right Lens Type For RX Glasses

Besides choosing frames that provide the perfect fit, deciding on what lens type is crucial for the sake of visual acuity. What may work for one person may not for the other.

However, in the case of children, single vision lenses are your safest bet if you want the best of distortion-free vision. They provide the largest surface area to view through which makes them pretty comfortable as opposed to progressives & bifocals that have a steep learning curve to see through them.

Furthermore, single vision lenses are the perfect option for reading eyewear & provide a more optimizing fit.

Lens Coatings Do Help a Lot

It’s no surprise that getting the right lens to add ons will help young ones a lot than a bare-bones version of their eyewear. As far as today’s digital natives are concerned, you’ll be doing a favor to your children by adding an AR (Anti-Reflective) coating that provides an array of benefits.

It helps enhance visual clarity, improve the longevity of your lenses & protect your eyes from UV rays emitted from digital devices. As far as RX glasses are concerned, getting an AR coating is imperative.

If you’re getting polycarbonate lenses, don’t forget to add an anti-scratch coating as the very lenses type is prone to get scratched early on. For the sake of optical clarity, you simply cannot discount anti-scratch coating.

Besides, the eyewear would last much longer & will be a less burden on your pocket by way of the reduced replacement cost. On the whole, getting lens add-ons solely depends on your young one’s optical needs.

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