How to get Healthy skin in 4 weeks

healthy skin

Consuming the correct amount of food offers many benefits physically and mentally. For every skin type it is necessary to feed the skin and body with the important nutrition to keep glowing, wrinkle-free, soft and subtle, and blemish-free. Well, it is up to you to prevent your skin and body from wrinkles under the eye, dark-spot, and many other skin issues. Best nutritionist in Delhi suggests some steps be followed to get healthy skin and which everybody should keep in mind:

Staying hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the primary steps which should be taken to get healthy, youthful skin. Dehydration will make your skin low and dull, saggy with wrinkles, dry plus loose.

Consume good antioxidants in your diet

Eating healthy and fresh foods that have anti-oxidants can help you to fight aging, wrinkles many other types of skin issues. It helps to tackle inflammation, which is the main cause of wrinkles and loose skin.

Consume colored food plate like rainbow

Just keep in mind to eat all color foods as nutrient-rich food is the only way towards healthy and glowing skin. The primary cause of cell damage is free radicals that are in our body, and healthy food choices can help you to neutralize these factors. It is vital to consume a variety of anti-oxidants, and it can be managed according to the colors. Try to incorporate as many colors on your food plate to get the most out of it.

Adding more organic Veggies and fruits

Consuming organic veggies and fruits is best for every skin according to the best dietitian in Delhi and expert dermatologists in India.

Avoid exposure in sunlight

Avoiding as many times exposure in the direct sunlight is best for skin; however, it produces vit D and which is important, but too much of sun will cause rashes, redness and more damage to your skin.

Eat healthy fats and avoid sugar

Consuming healthy fats is important, and for this, you can choose olive oil, flax seeds, avocados, nuts in your diet. Fatty acids are beneficial to reduce damage in your skin.

Detox the body

Cleansing your body is another way to get healthy skin. Your body build up toxins in your body due to air, water, and foods, and detoxifying it is important. Detoxing it by way of juice is what the best nutritionist in Mumbai recommends. Best what you can do is to have a glass of water with squeezed lemon in an empty stomach, which is best for detoxifying your overall body.

Avoid harmful chemicals

The only way is to know surely if any harmful mixtures of chemicals are in the makeup or in any skincare creams or products then always read the label present at back of the product. Many creams foundation or any makeup item that is applied on the skin is absorbed by 60%, which basically means that the makeup products like creams or foundation etc. affects our skin plus health either in a negative or in a positive way.

Many of us don’t know that the ingredients present in makeup and skin products like face-washes, body-lotions, sunscreens, etc. have been linked to health issues because many people can get allergies from that. So yes your skincare products can make you get back skin!

Infact the diet and nutrition should be clean and healthy so as to get the amazing glow on skin

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