Top Five Reasons Why to Not Miss Golden Triangle Tours

Golden Triangle Tours is in brief a wonderful introduction to India. This tour covers the fascinating cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Delhi the ‘city of cities’ is the capital and the most well-connected base to explore the country. Not one city but a blend of eight cities that dated over the centuries and many other ruling dynasties, this is a city that must feature on every itinerary to plan for India. Agra known for the ‘wonder of the world’ Taj Mahal and Mughal grandeur forms the second leg of the journey. Last but not least is Jaipur-the Pink City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A testament to the glorious era of Rajputs, this city has a treasure of forts, palaces, architectural wonders, bustling markets, and other charming experiences.

Golden Triangle Tours

In India, Golden Triangle Tours package are a favoured itinerary and here are the top five reasons to definitely not miss this one:

1. History, Heritage & Culture

If history appeals to you, then this is the apt tour for you. This single journey covers three historical cities of India. Delhi finds mention in texts of Indian mythology Mahabharata to the recent struggle for Independence. Each of these periods has left behind footprints. Agra witnessed the rise and fall of the Mughal Empire, one of the most successful ruling dynasties in India. Jaipur is the testament of Rajputana grandeur since its establishment in the 17th century. Heritage walks are specially crafted for these cities to learn about the roots of these wonders.

History heritage culture

In terms of heritage cities nothing matches the Golden Triangle circuit. There are magnificent forts, royal palaces, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, wonder of the world-Taj Mahal and many more. The culture of each of the cities is as vibrant as the places. The charming grace of Mughals, the royal hospitality of the Rajputs and the loving banter of Delhi. From amazing festivals to mouth-watering gastronomy, thriving markets to  so much more, delights are found everywhere on this route.

2. Luxury Hotels

On a holiday in India after days spent in sightseeing, the stay must be rewarding and relaxation. There are aplenty luxury hotels in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, therefor making the Golden Triangle Tour a comfortable one. From the royal Taj Hotels to the opulent Oberois’, heritage properties transformed from lavish palaces, there are amazing options to stay.

Luxury Hotels

3. Easy Connectivity

The brief journey takes only three to seven days and is almost 250 kms away from each other which can be easily covered in 3-4 hours journey by road as well as the superfast trains. Besides being close to each other the Golden Triangle circuit can be easily modified to combine other places in India. The spiritual city of Varanasi, the thrilling Ranthambore known for exciting wildlife safaris in India, blissful Bharatpur known for the colorful birds that fly from far ends of the world, exotic Khajuraho Temples, the circuit can be extended with any of these cities.

agra tourist places

4. Delicious Food

Indian food is a pleasure and with the Golden Triangle, there are options to savour the delicious dishes of not one but three cuisines. In Delhi, the Paranthewali Gali of Old Delhi is a delight for foodies. For the love of street-food this is the best hangout. Besides, the luxury restaurants offer experiences of a lifetime. Agra is known for the flavoursome Mughlai dishes and the delightful sweet-petha. Jaipur introduces to the rich tastes of Rajasthani food. The delights of dal-bhaati-churma, laal mass and more endear this vacation more than other India travel.

Delicious Food

5. Shopping

The souvenirs to take away home after a wonderful vacation are the cherished memories. While shopping for such, nothing quite comes close to the Golden Triangle Tour. From beautiful handicrafts, colourful clothes, miniature Taj Mahal, there is a lot to bring home.



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