Generac Generators Offer Convenience at Less

Generac generators

As the incidence of storms, hurricanes, and wildfires continue to grow due to climate change, more homeowners are investing in backup sources of energy. These days not many can imagine life without electric power. We use cell phones, tablets and laptops to do our work and keep in contact with friends and family no matter where we are.

When a natural disaster strikes the neighborhood the power lines are damaged by falling trees. This results in power failures for thousands of homes. After the storm passes, the electric companies come out to repair the power lines so the supply of electric power can be restored. This duration can be as long as a week and in some areas even longer. The exploding substations and heat waves also cause power failures. More people begin to run their air conditioners which put an added strain on the power grid.

A backup source of power is thus essential for modern life. Besides fulfilling power needs at home a generator also helps our camping experience. We can use electric stoves, coffee makers, lights and fans when we go on camping trips. When we want to use electric tools at construction sites the generator powers the tools. Boating and sports fishing is a lot more fun when we have the air conditioner running. We can stay out on the water for a longer time with a generator that powers all essentials. It allows us to fish at night. RV owners can find RV generators and RV ready generators to make their RV more comfortable to use. In summers the heat is unbearable and with the right size generator, you can use all home comforts in the RV to stay comfortable throughout the excursion.

Power outages put a halt to life and in some cases cause a life and death situation. In hospitals, the surgeries can continue to take place as scheduled and the life-saving devices of patients can go on running using the back-up generators. Much equipment in the hospitals can get damaged due to voltage surges and spikes. Hence it is important to get the right generator to power sensitive hospital equipment.

There are many makes and models offered online to choose from. There is a perfect fit out there to fulfill all of our specific needs. Generac, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton have a wide range of products. These manufacturers are the market leaders and come up with new features based on market needs. You can find one to suit your lifestyle within your budget. Buying a branded model made in the USA offers many benefits. Buyers can get discounted prices, customizations, warranties and lifetime support. Financing options allow you to choose that perfect model irrespective of the price.

The new Generac models come with smart alternators and have the True Power Technology that provides high-quality power without any surges or spikes. Both voltage and frequency are monitored well by these generators.

Generac generators are either conventional or inverter generators that run on various types of fuels. The conventional models come with a simple engine that runs on regular speed. If you are running modern electronics that are sensitive to surges, the inverters will be the better option. Microprocessors have their own circuits in sensitive electronics that can short out with a voltage spike. The inverter models use a microprocessor that manages the current. It changes the engine throttle to produce only as much power as the load requires. The current comes out even and protects the expensive communications devices that we use.

When buying a model consider the wattage. You want to buy a unit that produces ample power to run your air conditioner and other essential items. If you do not want the generator to run the air conditioner or the microwave, you can do well with a smaller wattage model. The online distributors have customer service representatives that can help you come to an informed decision. They will give you the advice you need to choose the right fit. You can call or chat online to get answers to all your queries.

Smaller units are portable and can be used in many ways. Generac now manufactures some very smart and compact portable inverters to meet the needs of modern users. Use the portable unit as a backup source of emergency power at home or take it for RV camping or boating or to power tools at the off-the-grid job site.

For homes, the permanent Generac generators are better if you like convenience. Buy a model that comes with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) so you do not have to worry about turning the unit on or off when grid power fails at night. The NEMA rated transfer switches can be installed both indoors and outdoors. An electrician is required to do the wiring job during installation. So get a licensed professional to install the ATS.

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