Does My Organization Need WebEx Calling?

Webex calling

Webex Calling is the Voice over Internet protocol developed by Cisco. Cisco Webex calling is a business phone system in the cloud. Cisco is a market leader in online conference call software and products, and it is one of the most trusted brand for the webex conference call by customers globally. Webex Calling was launched in March 2019 in the United States. It has since then expanded to over 32 countries.

Cisco WebEx calling creates a reliable and efficient cloud-based phone system. It shifts the hardware and other infrastructure from the client premises to the cloud.

You must be aware that Cisco Webex Calling is simply a phone system in the cloud. Simple. Cisco has smartly incorporated the best from BroadSoft and the fantastic security features of Cisco into the Webex Cloud. The security features could be attributed to the security service provider, Duo.

Integration of Duo with Cisco WebEx calling has created extraordinary security measures such as two-factor authentication and SSO logins. Customers have benefited immensely and do not have to deal with a hybrid phone system on-premises. The facility to accommodate most of the infrastructure in the cloud and features such as HD calling, intelligent routing with online administration, and iOS integrations have helped customers immensely.

What does WebEx Calling include?

Webex Calling includes standard PBX functionality like call pickup, voice mail, call transfers, hunt groups, and music on hold. The Control Hub includes IT admins who can control their business telephone system with an online portal. Professionals who use Cisco Webex calling will have to get trained to configure a Cisco PBX.

The end users can get access to the online portal. This portal can give end-users access to turn on settings like Do Not Disturb or call forwarding. They can do this without having someone from the IT admin team doing it for them.

WebEx Teams

Team collaboration is another useful feature of Webex Calling.WebEx Teams can be paired with Webex Calling IP phone, so you can make and receive calls with the Webex Teams app. WebEx Teams can receive voicemails.

It also has an app called the WebEx Teams mobile app that helps the users’ experience continue even when not in the office. Teams can collaborate with work-related activities and share files too if required.

  • Cisco consists of an extensive portfolio of cloud products.
  • This WebEx team offers teams to message or chat. Cisco WebEx Teams contain bots that help enhance productivity.
  • Cisco WebEx teams allow users topairWebEx Calling with all types of IP handsets.
  • The Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series introduces advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, USB, and LCDs.
  • The VoIP can be made compatible with analog devices using analog terminal adapters.

Webex Meetings

There are millions of people using WebEx Meetings globally. Webex Meetings now are highly advanced, and participants can quickly shift from one device to another without any inconvenience. WebEx Meetings gives users rich content, screen sharing features, interactive meeting, and unlimited conference calls.

What is the best Online conference call software for my business?

Cisco WebEx offers the best solution for WebEx conference calls, including a complete set of efficient features designed to take client meetings to the next level of professionalism. This WebEx conference call software has been designed for businesses of all sizes and helps teams collaborate productively and at a faster pace. It comes built-in with the start of the art features such as HD video and clear audio.

User experience enhancement is a crucial feature in the design. Other features add on to this exceptional meeting experience. They are easy to screen sharing features, robust controls, efficient and incomparable security features are all a few reasons that make Cisco WebEx conference call software the leading software in the industry.

Cisco WebEx supports many third party applications which is the need of the hour.

What’s the best way to connect to a WebEx conference call?

There are a few options that provide users with the flexibility to decide the best way to connect to the conference call.

  • Toll-free Dial-in gives the users a dedicated number to connect to an audio conference.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) makes use of computer’s built-in speakers that help achieve crystal clear audio even over less efficient networks.
  • The call-Me feature can direct the conference call directly at the location of your choice.

Why use video for conference calls?

Clients have experienced that meetings are often more impactful when conducted with video. People can engage better with each other, and work gets completed faster. WebEx Meetings ensure high-quality video engagement and allow the users to customize the view.

Features & Benefits of Cisco WebEx Calling Solutions

1. An Efficiently SecureGlobal Platform

Cisco WebEx calling solutions have ensured that stringent security principles are in place. Hence organizations can be carefree while incorporating  Cisco WebEx calling into their processes.

2. Fully Integrated endpoints

Cisco endpoints range from Cisco WebEx solutions enable complete integration of IP phones, desktop users and mobile users. It ensures the seamless experience of users while shifting from office devices to a smartphone or other devices.

3. An Open and Intelligent Experience

We are aware that it is essential to have a good user experience during the call. Cisco WebEx calling uses data analytics, machine learning (ML), and AI data to help enhance the experience.

Is Cisco Webex Calling Solutions the future for your business?

As we have seen already, the benefits of incorporating the Cisco WebEx calling software outweigh the concerns. With the implementation of the Cisco WebEx software, organizations can improve client service, save on expenses, and increase productivity.

Cisco Webex Calling solutions can take the organization to the next level of growth. It enables better collaboration among team members, thus increasing productivity and efficiency.WebEx calling provides detailed reports to users that in turn can be utilized for necessary changes to be made in the business using these insights.

If you wish to connect with a VOX Network Solutions specialist who can help you with cloud migration and WebEx services for your organization, get in touch with us today.

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