Does Influencer Marketing Have a Future in the Coming Days?

Influencer Marketing

There’s a concerning debate going on in the marketing community for a few days whether influencer marketing is going to have a future in 2020 onwards? Articles such as “Death of Influencer Marketing” and “The Influencer Marketing meeting an End of its Era” are creating quite the havoc in the digital industry.

However, similar to countless other marketing practices such as social media marketing, branded podcasts, and many others, one thing is for sure, influencer marketing is here to stay. It seems like not only will the marketing tactics survive & thrive; they will also change the way marketing is done.

Defining Influencer Marketing

Allow me to explain to you the concept of influencer marketing first…

Imagine you have recently started a business and you are very eager to give it an everlasting exposure. Today, billions of individuals are actively connected with each other using what we call social media platforms. And it’s not just one particular age group, but people belonging to all age groups are present.

Among these individuals, some are very fortunate because they amassed a great number of followers. We call such fortunate people “influencers” as they are capable of influencing people around them. Brands and businesses such as ours which have very limited exposure seek such influencers to help spread the word for our businesses. And the subtle art of convincing these influencers to share your product is what we term as the art of influencer marketing. The concept is not new as it dates back to when the spokesperson used to talk about brands openly in large crowds and help create awareness on budget.

Why Marketers Worry Influencer Marketing Might End?

Just a couple of years back, things started getting all confusing on social media. Brands started leveraging the power of social media to push their business forward and in the wake of doing so, they started publishing senseless negative content. They started making claims which were false about their own products and service. From authenticity and relevancy, social media became home for fake news and irrelevancy. In 2019, influencers started marketing unknown brands for monetary benefits and as a result,

Influencer Marketing Became Untrustworthy.

A digital marketing agency says an influencer who is constantly streaming ad posts would more likely get unsubscribed. And with the influx of influencer marketers posting ads for monetary benefits, there’s quite the buzz in the marketing world that influencer marketers are posting irrelevant content.

This has become a major concern for consumers, and there’s quite the tack that it just might meet an end.

If Influencer Marketing Dies, Then What’s Coming Next?

If you’re a brand owner out there thinking to leverage the power of influencer marketing, my advice to you is that if your product is not good enough, you should honestly focus on optimizing it to the best quality first. You shouldn’t opt-in influencer marketing as an option unless the feedback on your products aren’t positive. And once you establish a positive image, then there’s no harm in reaching out to an influencer.

As for the influencers marketing the products for monetary benefit, please make sure that the product/service you’re about to market is offering relevant content and authentic information. If there are millions of people following you on the Internet, then you have a responsibility to create the right awareness. Don’t settle for a small monetary package and market irrelevant and non-genuine content on the Internet. Because if you do, that’s going to impact the lives of others. People are already losing their faith in social media, and it’s best that you (the influencers) should work to make it a trustworthy place.

What Can We Expect from 2020?

The new year has just initiated and we are now entering 2020. There’s a credible chance that we will see the rise of influencer marketing in the coming days and what’s more? Local techniques will win over traditional practices. There will be more focus on segmented strategies. Content that is relevant and authentic will have more exposure. Influencers who post such content will be more favoured.

Local Techniques

Recently, Instagram did a test where they removed the options of liking a post from their platform. As a result, many social media strategists started focusing on producing quality content instead of content to just grasp the attention of their audiences. This quality focus content publishing is what gave rise to a new world of “nano-influences.” These influencers are basically people with a limited range of following which falls between 1000 to 10,000 followers. It helped these influencers to push different local brands forward. And as a result, these local brands achieved a well-deserving exposure massively from audience.

Segmentation Strategy

What’s more? Many different marketing strategists will opt-in to create their own personal ecosystems to appeal to the marketing mix. To fulfil that purpose adequately, brands will make use of the following.

  • Niche influencers
  • Nano & Micro-influencers
  • Blogger influencers
  • Celebrity influencers
  • Industry expert influencers

To name a few.

Where Does the Future of Influencer Marketing Stands?

We can’t say for sure whether the influencer marketing strategy will have a rise or a fall, but one thing is for sure… influencer marketing is here to stay. It is not going anywhere and there’s a possible chance that it won’t be going anywhere either. It’s far from being dead, but instead, we can say that it can exponentially grow in the coming decade. Who knows, the processes in influencer marketing might just get complex.

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