Cell phone tracker app best for business

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Cell phone tracker app

Business organizations have been transformed over the years in terms of digital devices in terms of tablets, and mobile devices. Employers used to provide contemporary cellphones to employees use it working hours to deal with the clients.

Moreover, they send and receive marketing and other sorts of emails o business owned cellphones. However, nowadays, employees used to waste working hours on social media, private phone calls, text messages, and for browsing activities. In addition to that, rouge employees often get caught stealing intellectual property and sharing business secrets using business owned cellphones.

What is a cell phone tracker software?

It is the best of the best business protection tool for employers packed with advances and exclusive technological tools. In addition to that, it’s been developed initially for the safety of the business to track employee’s activities on company-provided smartphones and tablets.

You can use it after the completion of the installation process. It is powerful and an advanced tool brings all the information into your web control panel. You can get its license within a reasonable price and get hundreds of tools to get the job done. If you are facing any technical issue then you can take assistance from its customer care.


It works on all the advanced and state of the art mobile devices and tablets particularly running with the android operating system. It will remain hidden on the target device even on the latest version of Android OS 10.

How to get & use advanced cell phone tracker app for business?

Initially, you need to subscribe to mobile phone surveillance software, and further, you need to visit the official websites of TheOneSpy. Once you are on the page then get the subscription online. Moreover, you will get the credentials in terms of passcode and ID. Now get physical access on the target device and complete the installation process. Now use the credentials and activate the web portal and use the following mentioned tools for business.

Use advanced cell phone tracker for business

Call recording

You can secretly record and listen to live calls incoming and outgoing with call recorder software. Moreover, you can save the data over the web portal.

Data backup

A business owned cellphones and tablets these days have large memories and heavy processors, you can save plenty of data on handsets and tablets. So, business mobiles are important ones. You can create data backup to safeguard the data from stealing and theft using data backup software.

Live screen recording

You can perform live screen recording on the target device and further record short back to back videos of the screen using a screen recorder app. In addition to that, you can deliver the data to the web portal.


Capture multiple screenshots on employee’s devices at once to keep an eye on employee’s cellphone devices.

Keystrokes logging

Users can record and capture all the keystrokes applied on target employee’s devices such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, messages, and email keystrokes.


TheOneSpy cellphone tracker tool is the best tool for business owners to keep an eye on employee’s devices to the fullest.


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