7 Reasons Why Antalya Holidays are for All

Antalya Holidays

Flanked by the waters of the Mediterranean, Antalya is a turquoise coastal town in the southern region of Turkey. Settled since 200 BC, this region thrived under the regime of Romans. Some of the rich reminisce of the past can be seen in Hadrian’s Gate, Hidirlik Tower and Old Roman Harbour. Go on Antalya Holidays for an incredible vacation to enthral with the sweeping views of Taurus Mountains, gushing waterfalls, fine sand beaches washed by deep blue crystal clear waters, ancient ruins and historical sites. Apart from that, Antalya is a beautiful destination for the families to enjoy the lunches with harbour views and go on excursions into the nearby tranquil villages. Besides, the little sweethearts can marvel at the Land of Legend Theme Parks, Dino Park, and Antalya Aquarium. Furthermore, this is also a perfect place for those interested to delve deep into the intriguing karain magarası caves.


Best Time to go on Holidays to Antalya

The climate of Antalya is Mediterranean with hot and dry summers along with wet and mild humid winters. Tourists throng to this destination from June to September to enthral on the beaches under the hot sun. However, spring season from March to May and autumn from September to November are the best times to explore this exotic region on Holidays to Antalya. Even though they are the shoulder seasons, they offer ideal climate to immerse in outdoor activities away from the crowds.

Explore the Old Town of Antalya – A Treat to the History Buff

Preserving the structures of Romans, Byzantines, Seljuk and Ottomans, Kaleici is the old town of Antalya. In fact, until recent times, the whole town of Antalya was once confined to the old town walls. Many of the buildings dating back to the 18th and 19th century, several of these old traditional constructions are turned into boutique hotels, shops and restaurants. Probably it is the best place to relax in the afternoon on Cheap Holidays to Turkeys soaking up the rich Turkish culture and heritage.

Climb up the Ancient Theatre of Aspendos – Charms the Culture Vultures

Located at 40 KM from the city and on Eurymedon River, the ancient city of Aspendos is just 16 KM away from the Mediterranean Sea. Flourished with salt, oil and wool trade during the coinage in ancient times, it became a major city of Pamphylia region in 5th century AD. The incredible theatre dating from 160-180 AD is one of the best-preserved ancient amphitheatres in the world. So, a culture vulture should add Aspendos to the bucket list of Holidays to Antalya Turkey.

Chase the Roaring Duden Waterfall – A Blissful Experience for the Nature Lovers

Fed by the river with the same name that runs from the Taurus Mountains until it culminates into the Mediterranean Sea, the Duden Waterfall is a blissful place for the nature lovers. Reach the upper Dunedin waterfall by driving 15 KM from Antalya to see yourself in the abode of lush green nature. Moreover, one can reach the cave behind these waterfalls for exotic views and excellent photographic opportunities. However, the lower Dunedin waterfall located near Karpuzkaldiran Beach is best viewed from a ship or a boat.

Beaches of Antalya

Incredible Beaches of Antalya – A Haven for the Beach Bums

Antalya entices the beach bums with soft sands and turquoise waters at its Mediterranean coast. These are the perfect spots to soak up the piercing sun’s rays to tan up and replenish the levels of Vitamin D.  Konyaati Beach located 7 KM west to the city and Lara to the east are the two main beaches of Antalya. Looking straight from a glossy magazine cover, both these beaches are perfect spots to hit on Beach Holidays to Antalya. Finally, those who love quieter places away from the crowds should drive 3 hours from the city to find Kaputas. Besides, it is also idyllic for windsurfing.

Antalya Toy Museum

Antalya Toy Museum – A Place to Go with Kids

For those travelling with kids, Antalya Toy Museum should be a definite place of visit in the city. This small museum will bring back childhood memories among the elders, while the little ones have great times with the electronic toys. One can go to this small museum on a day trip and can spend an hour in the afternoon on Family Holidays to Antalya.

Have Lunch at the Harbour

Over 2000 years of history of this city has revolved around this age-old harbour. The rich park their private yachts at the harbour and is a wonderful place to go on boat-trips on a short sojourn along the coast. Especially, the lined-up restaurants over the hill and along the harbour offer delicious Turkish delights to taste on Antalya Holidays. Moreover, the views of the dock and the sea make your lunch more delicious on a holiday.

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