5 Things That Can Track Your Car

GPS vehicle tracking

When you buy a car, you don’t just buy it but form a relationship with it. That is why the slightest scratch can be troublesome for us. And, if it is stolen, then the worry would be even greater.

It is not just about someone stealing your car and selling it in the grey market. Criminals can make your car a part of their shady activities, which may later pile on distresses for you.

That is why tracking it to get it back at the earliest is so important. Automotive manufacturers and various device makers have designed several tools to ensure that you can track your car easily.

  1. GPS Tracker

The moment we say tracking, GPS pops up in our minds. GPS vehicle tracking is incrementally becoming the choicest preference of several sectors. GPS trackers are often small and handy and come with several features like geofencing, towing or stealing alerts, remote locking of the car, notification regarding the car status, various speed-related issues, and others.

These devices often come with monthly subscription packages. It creates a log of your car’s movement. If you are looking to be reunited with your car soon, then these are the must-buy products.

How can I find a hidden GPS in my car?

There are cases when someone tries to get your location without notifying you by bugging your car with a hidden GPS-tracker. You just have to follow a few steps to get rid off this. These are not some geeky advice. Just a few basics.

  • Thoroughly check the exterior and look for tiny devices. GPS trackers for such purposes are often small and comes with a magnet attached to it. Sometimes, these trackers emit a signal like light blinking, which can give away its location, from boot to bonnet
  • Perform the same drills for the interior. Check each and every possible corner
  • Get a bug sweeper. These devices are often very efficient in finding devices that transmit some kind of signal. It would be easier to detect a hidden GPS with such devices. These are available online as well
  • If these yields no result, then seek professional help who can use several resources to track the device and get it out of your car

However, a GPS tracker is not the only device that would inform you about your car’s location.

Without using GPS can you track your car?

Yes, you can. In case you haven’t installed one and your misfortune strikes, you can still track your car.

The other types of tracking devices in your car are

  1. Radio Receiver

People who are trying to locate your car need some kind of signal that can be captured from a remote location. In most of the cars, radio receivers are in-built devices that can be tracked using proper equipment.

How do you think cops used to catch criminals in the 1960s? The transmitter has to be connected to the receiver so that the latter can pick up the signal that can later translate the location.

  1. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID tags are pretty useful as these tags are often placed in various parts of a car. Finding all of them out is a time-consuming and challenging job. No criminal would spend that much time before stealing the car.

You can tag your car parts with an RFID code that would carry important information regarding the car. A signal reader can easily pick up the transmission and notify you.

  1. On-board Camera

Recently, some top-end cars are providing the facility of having an onboard camera. You can also install one inside your car. Later, by analyzing the footage received from the camera, experts can locate the car effectively.

  1. Non-GPS Transmitting Devices

There are several ways in which a non-GPS transmitting device can function. For instance, if you happen to have a toll transponder, it would provide you alert the moment your car passes a toll booth. It would not give you an exact location but an area to comb and find out your car.

It is true that GPS vehicle tracking is reliable and effective. But if you have missed out on that, you can always consider these other potent methods to track your car.

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